Precision Deconstruction & Innovative Reuse

Deconstruction is a growing industry with great potential for strong returns in social and environmental impact as well as financial profitability. Nearly 300,000 houses are demolished in the United States every year. Those houses need to be removed from the land, but demolishing them creates extensive waste for the landfills. Deconstruction addresses this environmental problem by taking the building apart board-by-board and making the materials available for resale, reuse and repurposing.  Learn more at

Time Lapse of DETAILS project from Humanim on Vimeo.

Social Impact - Job Creation

  • Creates 6 to 8 times more jobs per project than demolition
  • Provides an ideal entry level position for individuals who have barriers to employment
  • Creates more jobs through the resale of reclaimed material

Environmental Impact - Waste Reduction

  • A greener alternative to standard demolition
  • Diverts thousands of tons of waste from landfills

Financial Impact - Economic benefit for all stakeholders

  • Adds value through tax incentives benefitting the owner of a deconstructed home
  • Creates the opportunity for profit which in turn creates jobs for people in need of economic opportunity.

It’s hard to imagine an industry that provides more direct social, environmental, and financial benefit. It is a true triple bottom line social enterprise. Those are the kind of DETAILS we care about.

We are proud to be partnering with Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake Restores for the sale of reclaimed material.

For more information, contact Jeff Carroll ( at (410) 300-4206

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