Employment Services

detailshome03Workforce Readiness Training

Our job readiness program offers participants the skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment. Participants will learn valuable workplace traits and behaviors such as attendance and punctuality, appropriate attire, following instructions, accepting constructive criticism, effective interpersonal skills, conflict management, time management, organizational skills, and money management skills. Participants will also learn and practice various means of searching for employment, and will develop the skills necessary to effectively complete employment-related paperwork, build a resume, and complete the interviewing process -- all in support of the goal of obtaining successful employment outcomes. 

Occupational Skills Training

Our occupational skills training programs are located at The American Brewery in East Baltimore and are geared to provide participants with industry specific skills with certification options. Humanim has partnered with industry leaders for program design and offers hands on experience within our commercial partner sites. Learn more about our career and skills training opportunities here.

Job Placement

Successful career placements is the focus of Humanim's job placement professionals. Our placement staff are assertive sales personnel who continually develop new employer relationships as well as expand existing opportunities. Our focus is on creating the perfect job match for employees and the employer.

Job Support

Once employed, a Humanim Retention Specialist will provide intensive follow-up services. Retention services are usually a combination of actual job coaching, intensive case management, and participant/employer advocacy. Retention Specialists will encourage participants to think about their long term goals in terms of career and financial independence, and will assist with connecting workers to incumbent worker training programs and other opportunities for career advancement. In instances where workers may be unsuccessful in their initial job placement, Humanim staff will assist them in obtaining alternate employment and will also help the previous employer in finding a replacement whenever possible.

Supported Employment Alternatives

Humanim has created employment alternatives for those who need a more supportive environment to accomplish their vocational goals. Several options including contracts, cooperative and work enclaves which enable individuals to work with various levels of support. 

Workforce Solutions

Since 1997, Humanim has partnered with the Baltimore County Department of Social Services and the Community College of Baltimore County to provide comprehensive workforce development services to recipients of Temporary Cash Assistance. This program is offered throughout Baltimore County.

Case Management

Case Managers provide one-on-one rehabilitation counseling tailored to craft short term objectives, long term goals and work to remove all barriers to employment.  In addition, the Case Manager assists with benefit screenings, expungement and referral to additional support services.

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