multi-clean-serviceInnovative Property Services

A new social enterprise based in Howard County providing commercial cleaning, trash removal and property turnovers in central Maryland. We provide excellent customer service and economic value while providing employment opportunities for people who have various barriers to employment, providing:

  • An efficient cleaning service serving property management professionals
  • Specialization in apartment turnovers and cleanouts
  • Foreclosure clean outs and post construction cleaning
  • Floor care service
  • Cleaning service for offices , schools and churches
  • Bonded and Insured

We have an excellent working relationship with several businesses in the area. We help protect and preserve the property values of your real estate or office building in a cost effective way while meeting our social mission of providing employment opportunities to individuals who would otherwise have difficulty finding a job. Please call us to discuss your business needs.

9380 Gerwig Lane
Columbia, MD 21046

410-381-0227 (office)

Phone: (410) 381-7171 • Toll Free: (888) 374-8342 •
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