Small Business Development Helping the Local Economy

During the renovation phase of the American Brewery project, Humanim began working with a group of aspiring entrepreneurs.  Initially, these three individuals were hired to provide security for the Brewery construction site under the General Contractor.  Positively, they had a vision that went far beyond just serving in these positions.  Instead, they chose to grow their own security business, now known as The Watchmen.  Humanim provided technical assistance, mentoring and guidance for business development.  In return, these gentlemen committed to hire locally-based individuals who faced barriers to employment.  Fast forward to today, and The Watchmen have grown into a well-regarded, locally certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) providing security services for a diverse array of clients including Humanim.  Our partnership has offered unique opportunities for co branding and a leveraging of local community and business contacts.

For more information about the Watchmen and how they can help you secure your site, contact them at (443) 925-6027.

The Watchmen

watchmenOn site supervision is an important aspect in providing a safe and secure environment for business owners, contractors and employees. With over thirty years of experience, the Watchmen work with their customers as part of a total security solution or as a single service.

The Watchmen were finalists in the 2009 Greater Baltimore Committee’s “Bridging the Gap” Strategic Alliance Award for their work with a large Baltimore City-based non-profit organization. The Watchmen have a diverse customer base that includes both for profit and non-profit customers. The firm has a recognized expertise in providing construction security and contractor monitoring service. The Watchmen have provided construction security for large scale development projects in some of Baltimore’s most challenging neighborhoods without incident. As a bonded and certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), The Watchmen principals and staff are native Baltimoreans and have extensive knowledge of the region.

The Watchmen can assist customers in defining the overall level of security needed for either a time specific event or for longer term services. The Watchmen are well aware of their customers’ need to control hours, provide a proper appearance and maintain lower overall costs.

"It was great working with The Watchmen. Their professionalism was extraordinary and they were wonderful to work with."
Mike Mitchell, CEO, Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake

"The Watchmen provided security services for our capital project of renovating the historic American Brewery located in east Baltimore. Upon completion they have provided 24/7 security for us on site for our 300 person staff in one of Baltimore's highest crime areas. Their level of service is exemplary and we would highly recommend them to anyone."
Cindy Plavier Truitt, CDO, Humanim

"I’ve worked with the Watchmen for the past 3 years. They provided security services for me while we constructed the American Brewery. This site is in an area with heavy crime, but the personnel provided constant vigilance of the site which resulted in no insurance claims for property damage or theft. This was purely the result of their responsibility and dedication. I would heartily recommend them for any security needs.”
Steve Hulse, Principal, Cross Street Partners

Phone: (410) 381-7171 • Toll Free: (888) 374-8342 •
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